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Getting a kitchen knife for your cooking? Read my tips

With the majority of products, the tradeoff for the cost is the quality. In a different aspect, products with the best quality are usually expensive, and the bad ones are cheap. This is true when you are pertaining to a market where the quality is easy to gauge. Markets like fashion are less clear and hard to measure like what you are paying for the intangibles such as the brand.

Wallet Friendly Kitchen Knives

The same can be said when it comes to the kitchen. An expensive knife will surely be a clear winner but if you can live with certain flaws, you’ll be able to purchase an amazing knife for almost half the price of a Wusthof or a Shun. For more information or knife reviews, head over to Pcn chef . Any chef or cook will love handling a Victorinox or Henckels knife, but there are differences between the two that you should know about.

Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Not all people want to spend a lot for a knife no matter how professional the knife is, which is why the Victorinox 40520 is affordable for a lot of people. This one is well-rated and it is a popular Swiss chef knife for more than 10 years already. Even if this knife is stamped, it is recognized as one of the best knives of all time. It is included in the top 10 list to be exact.

It has a good handle and the blade is sharp with a good edge. Another thing about this knife is its lightness making it easy to handle. This knife also comes with a lifetime warranty.

J.A. Henckels 8” Classic Knife

This is another inexpensive knife that has a fully forged construction, which means that it is made from stamped metal. This product has a fully integrated bolster blade for an easy grip and control. There is a tang for more durability and balance.

The drawback is the inexpensive handle material and the design is chunkier compared to other knives, so small hands are not for this knife.

Thrifty Tips !

These are the two best budget knives sold today and picking either of them will not disappoint you.
Many of you have asked me how to buy the perfect kitchen knives. I have only one real answer. Read kitchen knife reviews! There isn’t any other way to truly understand what you’re investing in. Well, that would be a lie, you can watch unboxing videos, review videos and even impression videos. I do the exact thing whenever I’m buying something new. It’s a tad more complicated when it comes to kitchen knives it’s even more complicated.

You can still test these knives at the store but you’ll never know how it performs or how long it will last. I wouldn’t want a $200 beautiful Wusthof kitchen knife that chips or breaks in a month. So I do 3 things to ensure my money is well spent.

My Steps For Picking A Kitchen Knife

You don’t have to follow my steps but I just wanted to share my tips to prevent you from making the same amateurish mistakes that I made. A good knife is like a great companion that stay and care for you for the rest of your life. A bad knife on the other hand is a

Step 1

Check your local Walmart and try to have a feel of the knife you’re about to purchase. The weight and heft of a knife you’re going to buy should be something you’re comfortable with. Some people like heavy knives and others like them light. There are also many different grips that professional chefs and home chefs use. The only way of finding out if a knife suits you is by trying it out.

Step 2

This is the most crucial step. Once you’ve found a knife that you like, you should research it. Look up reviews for that particular choice. See how well it fares in the kitchen and note what other users say about it. Just because it comes from a reputable manufacturer doesn’t make it the best value for your money. I’ve found some kitchen knives review sites and some amazon reviews to be quite informative and helpful too.

Step 3

Look online for the best bargain. If you’re certain that you’ve found your perfect knife, there isn’t any harm in getting it at a cheaper price. Black Friday deals, Amazon discounts or even E bay sellers often allow you to save a couple more bucks on your purchase. This is just an extra step to squeeze your money’s worth.

So that’s that. Remember these neat pointers the next time you’re buying something. Don’t be a foolish consumer.

Personal thoughts on Cookware

grillAny person who enjoys cooking even a little will tell you how important a good set of cookware is. They are as important as the ingredients you choose to cook with. While everybody talks about the cooking methods and the ingredients, people usually tend to forget the importance of cookware. I have been interested in cooking since an early age, I used to stick around my mother in the kitchen while she was cooking as I was always curious and interested, and now that I cook several types of cuisines like Indian, American, Italian and more. One thing that I have learned is they all use different cooking techniques like searing, slow-roasting, frying, stir-frying, sauteing, braising, boiling, simmering. How amazing it would be if one set of pans took care of all that, right? so I have been doing a little research lately and short-listed a number of best cookware.
I recommend:

Gunter Wilhelm Cookware: Honestly, this cookware set looks so beautiful that I feel bad using it for cooking purposes but when it comes to work you will see how perfectly it helps you cook. A must try cookware.

Bialetti Terracotta X-Tra: It has a black exterior and terracotta non-stick interior, with an aluminium base for equal heat distribution. Another perfect cookware set for cooking those delicious dishes. But be ready to hand wash the pieces as they are not dishwasher safe.

Zwilling Motion Ultra-Durable Nonstick:
This set is also made up of aluminum base and coating. It is a good product but is known to be less effective when it comes to searing. It cleans easily so definitely worth a try.

Of course, all cookware sets are only durable so long as you do not abuse them too much. Only use pans as intended, never leave food unattended on the stove because over-heating dry pans is the number one cause of damage.

Now what about you? Is there a type of cookware set you like? share your ideas in the comments below..

Safer Options for Your Pots and Pans


I go for a healthier option in preparing my meals. I prefer healthy cookware. It is a little bit expensive yet it is one good investment. The non-stick pans are not good for one’s health at all. This pan is not created for high heat cooking. Daily use of such pans at high heat temperatures will cause leakage of carcinogenic substance in your food. This pan is coated with Teflon. This type of material will emit poisonous fumes when exposed to high temperatures and this can cause flu like symptoms.

If you still have this cookware sets in your kitchen, then it is high time to get rid of it. But if you are to dispose of this cookware just do it responsibly. Do not just throw it away since chemicals in Teflon can be very stubborn. So make sure to dispose of it the right way. When considering a new set of cookware, make sure it is healthy and environmentally friendly. Below are some options to choose from.

Ceramic Pots and Pans: Ceramic cookware is safe as long as its lead content is zero. Also, avoid those that are colored coated since this might have toxic substance. Price is of medium-high.

Iron Pots and Pans: Iron cookware is considered to be classic. It is a bit heavy but this one will surely last your lifetime. It is safe and it comes with an all natural non-stick abilities. It is expensive but it is all worth it.

Titanium Pots and Pans: Stainless steel coated with Titanium is a good bet if you cannot afford iron cookware. It is the best alternative for healthy cooking. If you are not allergic to nickel then you can enjoy a less expensive Stainless steel cookware.

Considering the above options, you are now ready to make assessments of what your kitchen really needs. Enjoy a healthy meal planning and healthy cooking with your new healthy cookware.

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