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Personal thoughts on Cookware

grillAny person who enjoys cooking even a little will tell you how important a good set of cookware is. They are as important as the ingredients you choose to cook with. While everybody talks about the cooking methods and the ingredients, people usually tend to forget the importance of cookware. I have been interested in cooking since an early age, I used to stick around my mother in the kitchen while she was cooking as I was always curious and interested, and now that I cook several types of cuisines like Indian, American, Italian and more. One thing that I have learned is they all use different cooking techniques like searing, slow-roasting, frying, stir-frying, sauteing, braising, boiling, simmering. How amazing it would be if one set of pans took care of all that, right? so I have been doing a little research lately and short-listed a number of best cookware.
I recommend:

Gunter Wilhelm Cookware: Honestly, this cookware set looks so beautiful that I feel bad using it for cooking purposes but when it comes to work you will see how perfectly it helps you cook. A must try cookware.

Bialetti Terracotta X-Tra: It has a black exterior and terracotta non-stick interior, with an aluminium base for equal heat distribution. Another perfect cookware set for cooking those delicious dishes. But be ready to hand wash the pieces as they are not dishwasher safe.

Zwilling Motion Ultra-Durable Nonstick:
This set is also made up of aluminum base and coating. It is a good product but is known to be less effective when it comes to searing. It cleans easily so definitely worth a try.

Of course, all cookware sets are only durable so long as you do not abuse them too much. Only use pans as intended, never leave food unattended on the stove because over-heating dry pans is the number one cause of damage.

Now what about you? Is there a type of cookware set you like? share your ideas in the comments below..

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